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All in order

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Meet some elements:

 Activity 1. All in order

DO TRY THIS AT HOME  (it's quite safe !)

  1. Prepare 18 Postit notes or similar pieces of card. Squares are best
  2. Give each Postit a symbol of one of the first 18 elements in the periodic table
  3. You need to know the name of each element as well as its symbol. Write the name on the back
  4. Find a partner ( brother, Sister, Mum, Dad)
  5. Organise the cards in a random order in 3 rows of 6.
  6. Tell your partner that the correct arrangement is also 3 rows but the first row has 2 elements only, the second row is 8 element, the third row is 8 elements.
  7. Prepare your stopclock and on your signal they can go!
  8. Record their best time.
  9. Swap places and repeat until you can do it in 30 seconds.
Can you put these in the right order?

 TOM : 39 Seconds !

LALA: 93 Seconds


  • Who was MENDELEEV?
  • What was his full name ?
  • What did he do?

 Listen to both of the periodic table songs and then answer the questions :

Both songs use the same words but the two videos are very different from one another. 

Can you explain the differences between the two videos?

Which video do you prefer and why?

Mendeleev was a chemist.

His full name was Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev.

He invented the periodic table and left spaces in it because he knew there would be more elements to come.

With the first video it is not in order whereas the second one is. Also the second one is more fun and it tells you about what the elements do.

I prefer the second video as it tells you more and it is in order.


Comments 1

magnus miller on Thursday, 23 April 2020 10:29

I have beaten your record David.

I have beaten your record David.
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Sunday, 20 June 2021

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